About me...

Why exploring Mexican culture with art? 

My name is Sofia and I am a passionate artist that love kids too. I think that kids deserved always the best, and We as adults can be better for them. This is why I start making this art experiences! I decided to share my passion and knowledge with kids, so they can have fun and learn while they are making art!

After a lot of teaching as an artist I became into a Montessori Art guide, and this was the final pinch that I needed! Now I understand kid's needs and now I know how to share my passion about art with them! 

Why Mexico?...

I am so lucky to be Mexican and I am so proud to be part of this rich country full of culture. Anywhere you see around Mexico you will find colors, art, traditions. It's been a please tu share my culture all over the world.

What my kids are going to learn?... Your kids will be Mexicans for one day with me. I will show them easy and fun art techniques to create Mexican art. They will learn about Mexican most famous artist like Frida Kahlo, they will know storytelling like legends and they will know hoy to create a Mexican traditional party. 

Join us in this art adventure! Be artful parents!

This is me